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Considering a water feature in your yard?

There are many different types of features and we customize each one specifically for you and your families needs or desires.

Fish can be wonderfully entertaining and make great pets. Some people collect Koi, breed, sell or trade. That is an industry all to itself. A fish pond can accommodate many different types of fish, including koi (if built to the correct specs).

For some, the sound of the waterfall, the enjoyment of the slight breeze and lighting under the water droplets at night, is all they need to relax and bring down their blood pressure. For those people we like to recommend just a waterfall. Also known as a pondless. These features are less maintenance than a pond.

Fountainscapes are very popular as well. Imagine a gorgeous little feature greeting your guests as they arrive to the front door of your home. Having basalt columns, bubbling rock fountain, urns that have water flowing or almost anything else that we can push water thru will personalize your entry and take your landscaping up to the next level.

We hope you enjoy browsing our gallery of photos. If you don’t see what you are looking for, reach out to us. Chances are we have it and would be glad to share.

Featured Projects

We are very blessed to have the opportunity to work with our clients to custom design, install and maintain various aspects of their back yard. Creating a space that enhances their lives, to engage more with the out of doors and learn more about nature. Bringing their vision to a reality or creating a vision with them based on their needs, likes and wants. To enhance a families life and have such an impact on their day to day basis is a true calling. A comprehensive design properly installed will bring countless years of enjoyment. This is what we strive to accomplish daily.

It is our hope that you can see that transformation in the example projects following. Every home is custom designed to fit a specific family. Could you see one of these in your yard?