Featured Projects

H Build

Dave attended our open house last year. He shared some ideas with me at that time, but wasn’t ready to move on the project for many months. Once his border bed was in place, we got to get this project going.

Dave had this idea of creating a knee wall and having a waterfall and small fish pond inside. Brick & Stone of NC did a fantastic job on the patio and knee wall. So now it was our turn.

For this build we would need to dig down, relocate the downspout drains, a sprinkler head and bring in lots of additional dirt to bring everything up to the topcaps.

The next step was to bury the plumbing lines and install the mechanics of the build. For this waterfall we decided on a waterfall basin and a spillway at the top and we utilized a vault for an intake bay in the bottom. We plumbed two pumps in this feature ensure the proper flow across the waterfall. We have an Aquasurge 4000-8000 and an Aquasurge 3000. The smaller pump is pushing thru the spillway and flowing down in the direction of the basement window. From the inside it appears as tho there is one waterfall facing the house and that is all. From the outside, an entirely different look all together.

Once the mechanics were in, we could turn our focus on rocking it out.

After a while it starts to look like just a big pile of rock. This is when we come in with the lighting, plants driftwood and moss.

The appearance and aesthetics of this feature are remarkable. Surprisingly, the biggest impact it has on the family is the fact that it drowns out the highway noises. A main beltway is not too far from their street. Certain times of the day it can be very noticeable. With this new waterfall running, you really
don’t notice any road noises.

With the lights and plantings, this one came out spectacular. Very glad we could create a peaceful and relaxing spot in this families life.

A Build

Some time ago, Barbara and John Allen decided to build a pond. They proceeded with gathering the necessary resources and engaged in a DIY project in order to achieve the results they desired. Although their efforts were admirable, their understanding of building and maintaining a water garden was limited. The substantial amount of labor they put forth had initially shown positive results, but they began to encounter issues that they didn’t expect.
The liner in the pond became worn down. Small tears began forming throughout the liner and the pond couldn’t retain water as it previously had. Since they had cemented the stones surrounding the pond to each other, fixing the affected areas or refitting the pond with new liner would be difficult. The pond had to be refilled every single day in order to maintain the proper water level. This process become annoying for the Allens and made what should have served as a paradise seem undesirable.

The Allens made contact with Springer Ponds and Saundra went to their residence so she could find a solution for her clients. She decided to move the borders of the pond to connect it with their patio, change the placement of the rocks to achieve a more elegant design, and change the flow of water to decrease the chances of it leaking.
After Springer Ponds arrived, they took the rocks from the old pond so they could be used later. They expanded the pond so it would connect to the patio and provide the team with plenty of space. The previous waterfall was redone to change the direction of the water and help it flow better. They installed a new piece of liner along with two pieces of underlayment for each side of the liner. The second one was used to protect the liner from turtles which had a large presence near the property. They used the existing rock and additional stone to cover the liner. They also used slates stones to build a wall around the waterfall that connected to the edge of the pond on each side.
While building the pond, they added a new pump, skimmer box, waterfall basin, and plumbing assembly kit to improve the flow of the water and provide filtration for the pond. The pump we installed supplies mechanical filtration and the waterfall basin causes bio-filtration by storing and distributing bacteria. The Allens also wanted to have a suitable environment for the turtles in the area, so we added a piece of driftwood that extended from the edge of the pond to the waterfall.